Trip To Copenhagen – First-Timer’s Guide


Copenhagen is a wonderful city and you will love to have a visit here. It is a very nice city where it looks like almost a town-like with its appearance. It also has its beauty and vibrancy where it matches every major cities in Europe. It is a very wonderful city and a city where you can visit one of the oldest Luna parks around the world in which you can ride the waves of its famous waterways and have a taste of delicious street food. Everyone will be amazed because there are a lot of amazing castles, and its stunning waterways and a little mermaid.

If you are planning to have a visit in Copenhagen and it is your first time to visit here, there are best spots that you should visit. This will be your guidelines in visiting Copenhagen.

The first one to visit in Copenhagen are the few street food markets. You can always visit may worldly and unique stalls that sells everything. You can eat delicious foods out there like juicy steaks and different Japanese foods. It is always a good idea to visit a street food market before your night out of town. In the street food market you can always enjoy brunch. There is a market in which it is perfect place to enjoy your weekend brunch and buy different freshest seasonal ingredients. You can always visit every stalls and discover top qualities produce coming from this market. Book a hotellet københavn today!

Your first visit in Copenhagen is not complete without the trip to Tivoli. It is said to be the greatest and quaintest theme park in Europe. Tivoli is a very stunning inner city park that is filled with impressive and historic rides. It is said to be the inspiration behind the Walt Disney World.

The next to visit is the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen. It is said to be the top favorite. If you visit here you will surely be amazed and discover a truly stunning piece of Danish history. Get more facts about travels at

The next spot you should visit for a first timer is fleeting trip to see the Little Mermaid. There are lots of visitors that sees it is a photo opportunity of the city’s most famous and beautiful landmark. You can spend here ten minutes of viewing here the beauty of statuesque pose.

You can stay at different hotel. There are a lot of hotel like Kong Arthur with such a lovely and centrally located billig hotel københavn that has a very nice rooms.


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